My Year of Jubilee!

As at the end of each year i reflect on the overall "theme" of what God illuminated to my heart, i also look to see what "Shouts" at me in the beginning of the year! A few weeks ago, as our worship team was practicing a new song, the phrase "the year of jubilee" seemed to jump off the page to me. That phrase settled in my brain the next few days with the tune of the song and i began to proclaim, "This is MY year of Jubilee!"

Today the message the pastor spoke on was the Year of Jubilee! My ears perked up, what was God going to show me today? My brain began to tick away on the deeper meaning of "Jubilee" as i listened to the message...and a realization popped up! THIS IS MY YEAR OF Jubilee....literally!

Every seven years the nation of Israel were to allow the land to rest, to return what they had borrowed, to restore land that belonged to you, to release servants - it was a Year full of restitution! Returning, restoring, releasing - and Celebrating and enjoying the harvest of the past years and resting!

The sixth year God promised to provide enough fruit from their harvests to provide for the next three years - so to provide even through the following years as they began to plow and plant....

It is a beautiful system the Lord set up. He reminded them that the land was not theirs but HIS, their debts would be canceled, their losses returned....!!!

As i reflected...i realized how personal this was to me. As...i will be 35 this year...the past six years have been hard...and i believe God is saying to me, This is my year of Jubilee! Ha! How perfect the Lord is! How beautiful! It almost made me laugh out loud in church to see Him bring this to my understanding!

Thank You Lord for being so personal to us! "As for God, His ways are PERFECT!" Ps 18:30


I was thinking..even with what has happened..still believe for that year of Jubilee..for everyone!

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