Friday Fill-ins

1. The last compliment I got was from __a student___; he/she said "You look cool today!" (We all like to think we look cool, Huh!?)
2. I'm reading __Living Every Single Moment, by Angela Payne (2nd time through)_.
3. I woke up today and thought ___It is FRIDAY, i get to sleep in tomorrow....!
4. Why do Friday's give you a boost so that at the end of the work day, you feel full of energy when every other day of the week, you feel like taking a long nap after work?
5. The last thing I ate was _delicious beef vegetable soup, salad and granola bar - thanks to Mary-Ann who sweetly brought me hot soup for a cold day!
6. January... __is great because it is a New Beginning___.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to __going to my Aunts and doing laundry_, tomorrow my plans include ___sleeping in, a cup of tea and a long morning with the Lord and AP__ and Sunday, I want to __go to church, teach Sunday school, sing with the worship team and see my kids in AWANA!


Sounds like a great weekend! Tell A. Pam I said Hello!
Tammie said…
my second comment!!! Yahoo!!! :-) I will pass on the greetings!

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