Quiet Saturday & An Update

It's been a beautiful October Saturday.  I sure needed a Saturday.  A friend asked what my average week was like, and I had to admit an "average" week is non-existant at this point.  My new normal is still working itself out.  I am so grateful for work, and enjoy the variety of my days immensely, yet I would not mind a little more stability.  How thankful I am that God is unchanging!  He is my Rock, a sweet refuge to which I continually go.  

Today I stayed home most all day and enjoyed a quiet Saturday.  This week I read an article that reminded me that the Scriptures tell us to live quiet lives, by Donald Miller.  Do a word search on "quiet" and it may surprise you. 

So today I embraced the quietness of having the day to myself.  After walking the dogs, and spending time in the Word, I started in on my Saturday housekeeping needs.  It was so nice outside, I opened every window I could: some of the windows in my house are glued shut.   As I was going room to room, I noticed Baby Kitty found her favorite spot. 

 I grabbed my camera and practiced a few shoots.  I have to say, these came out great!

Isn't she beautiful?  
This is the picture of quietness... would you not agree?
The LORD your God in your midst, The Mighty One, will save; He will rejoice over you with gladness, He will quiet you with His love, He will rejoice over you with singing.
Zeph. 3:17

And now to catch you up on the newest addition: meet "Riley"... the little guy is still here!

How could you turn this little face away?

 This makes me want to call him "The Rambler".... He thinks he is a tough dude.  
Riley the Rambler: I like that.

He is coming along with a little exercise, training and discipline... and affection.  He is one affectionate little critter.  I love the fact that he stays close to me, and if I sit down, he is quick to snuggle.  
Melts my heart.  
I am quite amused how the Lord is providing for the care of a second dog.  
Like I have quite a few larger prayer concerns yet how faithfully God has given to allow me to keep this new furkid!  
Go figure!  
Seriously... I have been given about 50 lbs of dog food, a nice dog crate and discovered a place called "Pets Inc" that offer vaccinations and rabies shots for a very affordable price.  
"Lord, another dog? Like I need another dog... but THANK YOU for providing!" 
Ha!  God makes me laugh sometimes... 
Riley is making himself quite at home here at 108 Waterford. 
 Confession: his affectionate personality is good for me.  Sasha has never been an affectionate dog.  I rather enjoy sitting on the stoop out back, and snuggling with Riley.  Sasha has noticed a change too; I treat her with much more tenderness.  
Funny... maybe God knew I needed this dog.  
Animals can open up parts of us that we have forgotten or neglected.  


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