New Home Needed

Last week I took Sasha out for an afternoon stroll.  I saw some kids meandering up the street which I recognized as some neighbor kids and greeted them.  I noticed they had a very young puppy on a leash.  

After commenting on the pup, one of the kids shyly said,

"Uh, Miss Tammie, would you keep this puppy in your back yard?"

To which I cautiously responded, "For how long?"

No clear answer.

Since I am a softie, or maybe a sucker, I said "okay."

A week and a half later, look who is starting to feel like my backyard is his home:

Let's just say upon further investigation, this little guy was "found" and the boys whom had it on the end of a leash were really not allowed to keep it at their house.

Guess who hasn't shown back up to take care of little pup?

Guess who has started to get attached to sweet, darling Rottweiller puppy?

Guess who has bought puppy food, and a toy so it would not chew up other chewable items in backyard?

Guess who is trying to figure out... how to find a good home for this puppy, so here is an attempt!

Would YOU like a sweet little puppy?  He is about 3 months old, I think.  He needs his shots and vet care, I will even give you the remaining puppy food I bought.

He is a very sweet puppy, an adorable personality and has good potential to be a very good family dog.

Anyone?  Please... because I am starting to fall in love... and well... him staying here just seems impossible.


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