June Challenge

Midway now through June, and it is summing up to be a very extra-ordinarily pleasant June for South Carolina.  The weather has been sweetly milder than the normal sticky, sweat inducing, 95 degree smothering heat.  Thank You LORD!  It feels delightful!  So enough about the weather...

This month I decided to take on a little financial challenge.  These last four years, my income has been very, shall we say, fluid?  More has been flowing out, and what has been coming in has been more like a drizzle.  I can say I have lacked for nothing; though I could do without a few panicky moments and sleepless nights when fear grabbed me by the jugular.  God is faithful.  I am content and amazed how little one can live on.  Being single does have it's advantages in this regard.

Entering this summer, I prioritized my days to complete my internship.  I don't get paid for that, but it is priority number One.  I can see the finish line!! It is very exciting.  As I do this, I have to make at least a little income to keep the drizzle dripping.  God provides abundantly with opportunities to babysit and house sit and dog sit...  It could be a business in itself come to think of it...

My point though for this post is to share the personal challenge I have given myself.  Live on a cash-only budget.  Of course, I have to pay the regular monthly bills to keep my lights on and my phone working, so besides that I challenged myself to limit all my spending to cash only; if I don't have the cash, it is not bought, including gas!  It has been very interesting to realize AGAIN how much I can live without, how much God blesses through random resources and how it truly is an exercise in self control to say no to the all-to-easy way of purchasing something with the slide of the card.

Excitement is building in me to see next month's credit card bill.  It will be very minimal! I love it! I know there are many out there that live on the envelope system; i admire you.  This is an effort to cut down my spending to bare essentials.  We have so much; and we can live with far less AND creativity in stretching the dollar is actually fun.

In the midst of this, seeing God bless, provide, cover, and sustain me is the biggest gift of all.  Here are a few ways He has blessed me:

Free fresh home-grown veggies from friends
NO electic bill (I accidently paid it twice last month so I actually have a credit with SCE&G!)
Less travel is needed; less gas is needed
Meals given to me - randomly
My folks left my fridge full from their visit a week or so ago
Extra cash given to me for services given
Stocked pantry!

God is SO GOOD.  He is our Jehovah Jireh!


Melanie said…
awesome! T gives me an allotment every time we are paid. No credit. It has worked for years. Birthday month can be tricky...but it always works out.

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