An Easy Thing

I was pretty discouraged yesterday.  Maybe you caught that from my post.  I tried sounding upbeat but there was a low drum in the middle of my being.  I love that He sees us, and meets us in our low estate.

In fact that is what He has done this very morning: I must share!

My Time with Abba began in Psalm 136.  It's one that has the phrase "His Love Endures Forever" repeated in each verse.  The last four verses is what I read of Psalm 136.  Within these few lines we read, "He remembers our low estate... He frees us from our enemies.... He feeds every creature... Oh give Thanks to the God Of heaven... For HIS LOVE ENDURES FOREVER..."

Then I hopped to 2 Kings 3-4.  I read a story I don't ever remember reading before.  First it describes King Joram son of Ahab (there are so many kings, and it's all divided up between Israel and Judah, these passages can get pretty confusing but hang in there and watch what God does).  It describes Joram as not as sinful as his father, but "nevertheless he clung to the sins..."

After that it talks about three kings that decided to team up and go to war against Moab; they set out and marched for 7 days.  Then they ran out of supplies: no water.  The sought out Elisha who gave them this message:

"This is an easy thing for the Lord...."  The next morning the Lord sent "water flowing... and the land was filled with water."

Then in chapter 4: the story of the widow with a little bit of oil.  She was told by Elisha to go to your neighbors collecting as many jars as you can and start pouring.  She filled every one of those jars and it stopped when she filled the last one.  He then told her to go sell the oil and live on the income.

Proverbs 17:22 says,

joyful heart is good medicine,
But a broken spirit dries up the bones.

Do you see the theme this morning? 

The enemy has a way of getting us to believe that we are missing something; he likes us to feel empty, dry, as if we have a huge void to fill - may it be with money, or love, or significance or purpose...   The tactics of the enemy have been the same sense the garden.  

I read this recently, and I LOVE it has helped me grasped more deeply the significance of being an Image bearer of our Creator.  The enemy said to Eve, "eat this and you will be like God..." when actually, she was already like Him as she was made in His Image!!  The enemy deceived her to believe she was missing something, that God was holding out on her... when all along she had Him, the one who gave her life, and was walking around in His Image!  How more like Him could she get!?


I was convicted as I read the first part of 2 Kings 3.  How I cling to sin, allowing fear and doubt to creep up in my soul, robbing joy from me.  

But how wonderful to hear... "This is an easy thing for the Lord..." to FILL ME, to fill the Land... with what I need. 

Yesterday, a little one of 3 said to me, "Miss Tammie, you are a treasure..."  It was cute, it made me smile especially coming from a little tot, as I think the very thing of him.  Yet this morning the Lord brought that to my mind, and it sliced down into my heart:  "My daughter, You are a treasure..."

Oh Lord, Thank You for seeing my "low estate,"  Fill my soul with Joy this morning, fill my empty Holes... drench the dry bones of my Soul so I can be Healed!"  

Maybe You need to hear these Words this morning...

Are you clinging to sin...?  Let it go.

Are you empty and dry...?  This is an easy thing for the LORD.... He knows what you are hungry and thirsty for; ask Him to fill you and make you whole.

Are you in need?  What do you have? A little oil? Keep pouring and he will meet all Your needs!

You Are a Treasure; Live in the Richness of the God whose Image You Bear today!


Sue Magee said…
Thanks Tammie - your blog ministered to me this morning.
Pastor Coleman said…
Beautifula and inspiring. Thanks Tammie!
Melanie said…
God truly satisfies! :-D

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