Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas to my Blog friends and Followers!  I pray you are well, and that the Joy of Jesus fills and drenches your heart and mind this season.  I have a half a dozen blog posts I would like to write up and as soon as I have some days off I will share as the Lord leads.  For right now, I can say I have a very thankful and full heart!  God is so very good; I sing His praises over and over!  Christ is so beautiful, He continues to faithfully open my eyes to see Him more and more through my days and experiences.  His Truth and Love is truly unfailing and unending!  Indeed He has been enlightening my heart and mind with His beauty.   Moving from glory to glory... it's truly Living!

His Richest Blessing to you!
Love Tammie


Anonymous said…
A classy good looking you!

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