Personal Notes

One of my love languages is words of affirmation, in written form, left in odd places.  The first man I fell hard for left me tiny post-it size notes tucked under my windshield wiper.  I nearly crashed my car the first  time I discovered one!

God often drops post-it size notes my way.  Not literally, but in ways that light up my days, assure me of His intimate love and transform me.  Here are a few I have received lately:

You are acceptable.  

This love note from Heaven has come before, in fact, as I reflect over the last year, it first came last March.  This time, it spoke more deeply, directly to a lie I have lived in - that I was not acceptable.  Is there anyone else that has believed that lie?  I am free to be me because He created and designed me exactly the way I am.  I know, "I am not perfect, but parts of me are excellent!"

I am somebody.

We are significant.  God doesn't make junk; in fact, I bear His Image.  (Woah!) This little tiny truth has been unfolding deeply in my heart in the last few months.  This, too, has spoken to a lie I have lived in: I am nothing, lost in many ways.  Knowing your identity is imperative to living it out.  Knowing that we are Image Bearers of our Creator gives us intrinsic worth, immeasurable value, Heavenly purpose.  Each and every one of us!

You are beautiful.

Being a woman, this is a little hard for me to even type.  Yet, He has been whispering this to me.  I have had admirers tell me I was beautiful.  The words normally slide off like water off a ducks back.  But, over the last few months, something has happened inside of me that is helping me see beauty that is a life-giving gift, not something of pride or conceit.

If you add these few messages together, they are building something that was void inside of me.

Worth.  Value.  Purpose.  Significance.   Because of my Maker, and what He did for me in Christ.

If we don't have some level of self-worth how can we truly walk in the purpose and design for which God intended? I know it is a fine balance in seeing ourselves as something of worth and being self-consumed.  Where is that line between respectful self love and pride?  In what do we find our identity?  If we don't find the roots of it in Christ, it is only a facade.  If we don't find our purpose in God, we will burn up.

Ever realize that even after Adam and Eve sinned and were expelled from God's presence, He pursued them. 

"But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.

 It broke His heart to be separated from mankind.   He loved us.  Even when we showed ourselves to be unworthy of love.  He ran (continues to do so) after us because we are His Image Bearers.  

I am transformed as I see, hear and know what He says of me.

We were meant to reflect His glory.  

I can only do this as I walk with Him, step by step, day by day.

I am Acceptable.  I am somebody.  I am beautiful... and loved, chosen, forgiven, significant...

God is birthing in me new life, new understanding of who I am in Him.  My soul, at times, feels like it is about to burst through my skin.  Its significance underscores everything I read, hear, see.  It's the message I want to speak and live.

You are acceptable: you are free to be you.  Don't try to be anything else.  

You are Somebody.  You are significant, Your Maker says so, and His Image is upon You: wear it well!

You are beautiful! Yes, exactly as you are.  Live and love in the glow of His delight.

If you don't believe what Your Maker says about you, Who are you listening to and what are you believing?


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