Blessed While Yet Stuffy

It's five till 2 AM as I begin typing out these words.  Reason in being awake is a certain low grade ache in my ears, a channel of pain on either side of my nostrils running up to the inner corners of my eyes, a left nostril which is officially clogged: simply a general inability to breathe while my head is in the horizontal position.

After a few hours of almost asleep, waking to attempt to relieve the pressure by blowing, attempting to find slumber again, scrabbling to find that nasty already-been-used tissue that fell out of my hands (again) and loving Vicks Rub more with each application, I decided I would surrender, sit up and blog.

Winter seems to avail plenty more opportunities to get such an ailment.  This time I am highly suspicious of the lovely elementary kiddo's I substituted for earlier in the week.  Those snotty nose kids shared their germs and I did not wash my hands enough.   It was worth it.

As I sit here in my misery, I am notably aware the blessing of the past twenty-four hours.  First, I must confess, there is a cycle in my life:  that of experiencing a season of relative calmness and even boredom, then ramping up to pretty nearly insane business.  Not sure if this is a recent development in my life, or if it is the nature of some weird psychosis in my psych-y, or pattern of a person in transition: I believe it is the latter.  Anyhow, my schedule has ramped up, again.

Understanding that will help expose the blessing of the last 24 hours.  I had a day off.  It was so wonderful, and fell upon me quite unexpectedly.  One of the facts about being single is - there isn't anyone else to help cover all the corners.  My house continually needs cleaning, the grass keeps growing, the laundry pile threatens to attack, the bills must be paid, income must be made and food is kind of a necessity.  I have not figured out how to train Pepper, Baby Kitty or Sasha on how to contribute to the list either.  A day off is invaluable to my housekeeping needs.  Isn't that the same for everyone!?

Though that last paragraph my seem like a list of complaints, I must set the tone right here.  It is wonderfully therapeutic to have a day to take care of my household needs.  Somehow, after having a day to tend to all those loose ends, and go to bed with a fridge and pantry stocked because I got to go grocery shopping, enjoy a home-cooked meal, and empty my laundry baskets, my heart and mind are exceedingly pleased, happy, and at ease.

This past 24-hours was uniquely blessed with a conscious happiness in my soul.  God is bringing about some sweet fruit in my life and I am just along for the ride.  Here is a succinct list so this post won't be miles long:

1. My church: I just love my church.
2.  My community group - a venue in which I am being enfolded and embraced into a community of believers that make the lifeblood of my church.
3.  Opportunities to minister:  serving and growing God's Kingdom!
4.  Internship: I get to see God work in someone's life, up-close and personal.
5.  Growing in my own identity in Christ.  This underscores everything I have already listed.

This day I felt a sweet, powerful sense of being happy, deep in my soul, over Christ and the Life He has given me.  He truly does fill us in every way!

" Him you have been made complete,..."

"You will make known to me the path of life;
In Your presence is fullness of joy;
In Your right hand there are pleasures forever."


notpoems said…
beautiful, Tammie. my heart just sighs with contentment reading your list of blessings. :-)

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