in the last 8 days

I have seen the span of celebration, congratulations, waves, cheers, and tears this week.  It started with a wedding... a friend had a baby... I said good bye to my dear from Tracy this morning, and just minutes ago I walked in from attending a funeral.  All within 8 days.  I am a little emotionally tired.  Emotions are such a gift, an imprint of our Creator...  emotions show us so much of who we are and who God is in us.  

At this moment I am "oatmealing" - just sitting here doing nothin' - letting my brain go where it may, feeling these sober thoughts deeply...  listening to the stillness around me, breathing slowly and consciously.  It's a nice thing to do.  

Kitty even seems to notice when I do this... she has joined me... she is good at this.

"What do we have that we have not received."  
I like that quote; Robertson McQuilken used that as his main point in the memorial message tonight.  It is still ruminating in my head.  How true... 

"What do I have that I have not received..."  Nothing.  

"God is great because He is good."  Another gem that was placed before me tonight.... oh yes, so good... so great.

"Each of us is to please his neighbor for his good, to his edification." Romans 15:2 ...the verse of the day on Gateway. 

This week... I have asked myself... "why am I doing this?"  (Whatever I am doing... saying... thinking.)  Is it out of my need... or for their need, their good... a good way to test my actions, words... and thoughts.  

I had a hard time reading through 2 Samuel this past week.  David had fallen... repented... and become weak... He was no longer walking, living, fighting as a warrior.  He was slulking around... I found it interesting... the contrast of his actions/reactions when he was challenged by evil in his prime... and when evil stepped into his house as an aged man.  I wondered:  he changed (and i know there was consequences to his sin he would see and experience) yet God was still the same God... who helped him defeat Goliath... He spoke confidently then... "who is this... defying the God of Israel!?".... how sad to forget that the God of Israel had not lost His Glorious strength and Might... it was David who lost his strength... and might.  Was he forgetting his significance came from His God... not his own name and strength?  Now that his name and strength were fading... could he have still stood confidently against evil...because he was confident in His God even when he had failed?  

Just some of my thoughts... it was hard pushing through 2 Samuel.  

Amazing to notice God kept coming after Man... over, and over and over... Then in Christ, God rescued us and came face to face to us so we could know Him... even in our sin.  Amazing.....

Random I know...  a little of my thoughts this week.  

"What do I have that I have not received..." Not One Thing.  Thank You Lord jesus, thank you.


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