An Evening List

My heart is very grateful tonight.  God has given me so much.

1.  Each day is designed by God, somedays we actually notice it.  Today was one of those days.  I am grateful to see His Loving Fingerprints over each minute of this day.

2.  I am grateful for some wise mentors God has placed in my life.  God has put two amazingly gentle, loving, grace-filled and wisdom-filled ladies to walk by my side as I experience my internship phase of my program of study.  Seriously, as I prayed for "supervisors" - I did not want someone who would simply help me check off a list, but women who I could be mentored and trained through - by their LIVES and not just their words.  God has done that and I am truly grateful for these women: He has blessed me abundantly more than I even dreamed.

3.  I love my new job.  Oh, I guess I had not shared that little change in my life.  It was a process getting to where I am working, a scary process because it pushed me to step into a place i felt uncomfortable because it was very unknown.  It seemed daunting because it called for skills and qualities I felt I did not have - or at least they were not my strongest talents - in fact, I had very little confidence and pretty much shook in my skin at the thought of failing or being exposed for the complete idiot I feel I am in certain areas.  Who wants a job like that?  Well, God opened to the door slowly so I could get use to the idea... and let myself be willing to do it.  It has been a real lesson to realize my tendency to run when I feel insecure, instead of trusting God.  It is bringing me more to the point of utter dependance upon Him: God wants to empower and strengthen me,  as He leads me to press through... delight is found where I never imagined!  Believe me... it is a real good lesson for me... and I think He may be repeating it until I get it: don't run, stand still, trust Him... press forward through fear and insecurity... Delight awaits on the other side!  "For the Joy set before Him...."

4.  I am thrilled to have one of my favorite fast-food restaurants open in close proximity to me!! If you have never experienced Chipotle's; do it SOON!  Seriously... my mouth is salivating right now as I think about it.   Yes, that must be on this list!

5.  It was a busy day, but a peaceful day.  Psalm 29:11 - The LORD will give strength to His people;The LORD will bless His people with peace.

And to all I say, Good Night!


Anonymous_X said…
The importance of being...grateful. Nice!
Melanie said…
Step by and sometimes am not so in love with the fact that God loves faith..and wants us to step out even when we do not have it all together....financially, spiritually, mentally... Giving all the glory to God! :D God way always works out in the end. He sees the big picture and that is what is important..our job is to obey. He is to be trusted.

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