A Note From Kitty

Hello Blog world, This is Queen Kitty... most often called "Baby Kitty"... some know me as "Fat Kitty" but I choose not to respond to that derogatory term; I am fluffy.

I thought I would give you an update on how things really are around here. Overall things are nice and dandy, except for the black mongrel who usually lives in the backyard, she gets far too much attention in my opinion. Note I said "usually" as the mongrel, aka, "Sasha" gets to enter the house most nights and is made to sleep beside T's bed... that was my territory. Though she does exit in the morning and most often she is pretty quiet and stationary during the night but not without a few corrections - she stays on her "blanket" - (she gets a blanket! at least it isn't like my quilt...). She is quite a dumb creature, I have no clue why she is allowed in the house... I am mildly accepting her into my space, though she does have quite a slobbery mouth and her tail is constantly wagging - maybe it will fall off. She did learn pretty quickly MY dish is off limits, though she does pick up my crumbs - good thing, I will never eat them after they have touched the floor.

Besides this irritation, I am teaching T that this is still MY house and I deserve much more attention; I may not run after a silly ball or inhale my food like a vacuum but I lived here first and I should get first dibs on attention.

We have a few other gals who come and go through the week; they stay a few nights and keep us company. This helps T not get too lonely and this also motivates her to keep the house pretty clean and sanitary... though I have to constantly remind her my "restroom" needs regular cleaning... every 2-3 days is simply not good enough.

T is in and out all week; not many days is she home all day. I watch her come and go; while she is gone i guard the front yard and Sasha does something in the back, not sure what. T has stacks of books all over and spends many moments typing away on this computer thing.... I know she truly enjoys preparing for Sunday's as she seems happy and more alive when she spends time in her Bible - it's like she pulls fresh food out of that book and takes it off to serve to someone. I don't get any sort of smell of food from it so i just sit on it; I always try to stand on good things. If it does her good, maybe it will cause me to be shinier and my eyes deeper green.

Anyhow, I know T appreciates hearing from you all who read this here blog; that perks her up when she gets little comments. She doesn't really need lots of "perking" but it is more like an extra "treat" like she sometimes gives me... when she remembers I deserve it!

Royally, Queen Kitty


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