Should be In Bed

Yes, I should be in bed, my eyes are buggin' out right now and I don't really have any profound thoughts at the moment but i wanted to blog.... as i pause after a few very busy weeks and days.... Deeeep breath. I thank the Lord that He does walk ahead and behind us... as the dust settles and I look back over the last few weeks I can hardly believe the transition between leisure summer days... sailing on Lake Murray, working hard on my tan... to crazy weeks full of variety in activities, appointments, obligations, assignments and events.

I believe this year will be labeled "31 Flavors" for the diversity and variety in my life. Who woulda thunk? I kind of like the craziness, and am embracing the people and activities but goodness me, I am about out of breath and oh how sweet the quiet moments are when they come.... like right now; all i hear is the hum of my heater (oh yeah, FALL is here with tempts in the 40's) and my own breathing.... Kitty has even left me for a bit of solitude.

One thing that is happening, by God's awakening and my yielding is more community. I wrote during the summer about the need for connectedness - our deep hunger to feel that we belong, accepted, chosen... loved, and how this starts with God, and us. We are to reach out, and be vulnerable. God blew the door open for me to walk that out! Yep, in the last two months I have been handed the responsibility of teaching the ladies Sunday School class - try teaching God's Word and NOT being transformed and molded... and letting that rub off over onto the people around you. Yeah, God's Word is STILL SHARP...alive and ACTIVE! I have also been slowly recruited to help with the worship team... I love this but have slowly made the ascent to be involved... I am so blessed in being involved with leading worship/singing. With all this... one can't help but to begin feeling that you belong...I am even more so the one who is to reach out and draw others into the Mystery of community! I love it... as this is where the sharpening happens... and Love is experienced... I marvel as the needs of my heart are being met. Thank You Lord - How we NEED the Body of Christ! HOW we are NEEDED as members of the body of Christ....

I hosted a little party this past weekend. How I want to do what I can to encourage community and acceptance in our little GBAC Body of Christ... though my original intention in having a party was just to have a nice time... but as the evening unwrapped ... I began to see God was doing something bigger... I ended up with over 35 people around, and in my little house. It was definitely a warm gathering... and as I watched people enjoying the fire outside, the food, the gathering... I believe God was causing some growth.... and I am thankful I got to be a part of it. He is so good.


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