Blessing upon Blessing!

It is such a beautiful morning here! The mornings in SC are so cool and refreshing you can hardly believe it gets so sweltering hot by 10AM! But, for people like me, who are up at the crack of dawn, it is an enjoyable gift. Plus, there is just something so magical to watch the morning wake the day - sunbeams pushing through the leaves and dancing in the dew, the sweet fragrances of the flowers and grasses, the quiet stillness... until Sasha spies a squirrel in the yard and i have to wake up from my dream to keep her from dragging me across the neighborhood. :-) She is doing better!

This morning I am amazed at God's many blessings! Almost speechless! My refrigerator is FULL of FREE procduce (squash, zucchini, tomatoes, cucumbers, blueberries, cantalope, peaches). Yes you read it correctly: F-R-E-E! There are a few farmers in my church and they bless us by bringing the excess produce to church on Sunday; they offer it to us for FREE. They say if you want to donate something for the fruit, to give it to a special fund to help others in need! The last few Sundays i have come home with my arms full! So much so i had to get real creative with storing it, and eating it! I discovered I love fresh squash and zucchini in my salad! YUMM-O!

Then, some of you know, I have been praying that God would help me find a job or some way to make a bit of an income. Living isn't free! One way was to use my house to help me! I cleared out my two extra rooms and prepared them to rent. I was pleased to have the time and drive to go through "stuff" that I kept thinking, "someday when i have time I will go through this pile..." Well, the "someday" was upon me! I got my papers and books and "stuff" that just seems to pile up, all in order, or threw it away or gave it away. It feels GREAT to do that! With my house ready, and the rooms clear, I posted notices around school and began praying for girls to fill my house!

Guess what! It is FULL!! I gained a new roommate yesterday and another girl who was in desperate need of a room for the week while she is here taking a week-long summer course. I am thrilled to have them both! What a blessing!

God provides in abundance!! THAT IS OUR GOD!! Praise His Name! He is so good to me!

My summer is full in other aspects too! Good friends, fun activities, a summer class I am working on, health, and family to enjoy! It is like a summer of harvests!! Yeah GOD!!


melanie said…
Happy all is well with you! :)
Tammie said…
Thanks Mel :-) Hope your summer is full of fun; I bet it is hard when your sweet family leaves after a great visit. It is hard having your heart stretched all over the map. Love you!

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