Happy Anniversary to ME!

His mercies are truly new each morning...

It has been ONE year to the day that I drove up here to Columbia, SC. This year has been a good year; full of new things - a new house, new "life," new church, new friends, new dog.... a New Heart and Mind! Yes, I see God has been renewing me this year and I am so very thankful for His continued faithfulness and unfailing, unchanging love & Nature. I feel as if He as lifted me up to a new place, a new "spacious" place as one of my favorite Psalms speaks of... "He brought me out into a spacious place; he rescued me because he delighted in me." Psalm 18:18-20

It definitely has not been an EASY transition but today my heart is light and I am so thankful for Jesus' yoke He invites us to carry - a "burden" that is LIGHT and a yoke that is easy. That truth as been one of my handles lately too; He invites us to rest in Him, to take on HIS yoke - Himself. How lovely that we have such a Savior; we can cast our cares upon HIM because He Loves us - and wants us to travel on the Heights! What an adventure!

Thank you to you all who have prayed for me this year! God, as always, is doing a GOOD thing! My heart is full of thanksgiving and joy and peace! How I love Him MORE than I did a year ago! How much more clearly I see His Face! It is so beautiful!


Stephanie said…
Tammie enjoyed your post. So glad that you have come into your season. May the Lord continue to bless you as you continue on your Journey that God has laid out for you.

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