Today I had the privilege of chatting with a gentleman who is TRULY ALIVE. I am so blessed to attend Columbia International University - in my humble opinion it is one of THE BEST schools in the world. It truly lives up to it's motto "To Know Christ and To Make Him Known" - it draws in amazing students whose heart beats to know Jesus and to make Him known in this world. It also houses amazing staff and faculty. One such soul I have a growing admiration for: Dr. T Hulbert. I have only had him for one class, about ten years ago. He is officially retired but is still faithfully serving on our campus. I am always blessed when I see him, he remembers who I am for one and he is a man full of God's truth and grace.

Today I crossed paths with him after our chapel service and we picked up on a conversation. His specialty is The Gospels: the Life of Christ. He has stuff published - yeah, he is famous! Anyhow, I asked what he was doing now and he told me he was teaching a few classes, one of which was on John. My heart pounded within as I felt a thirst rise up: I love the book of JOHN! I shared with him that I took it in college under a wonderful professor named Mr. Collier - notable for how tough a prof he was to us students: you would enter the class trembling....and leave with sores on you fingers for writing so fast, trying not to miss a word!

I remember God met me in that class; i left changed! I shared this with Dr. Hulbert. He said, that is what it is all about. Kids pay money to be here, to learn and fill our heads with knowledge - but knowledge in itself simply puffs up!! True learning is changing! He said it was his goal as a teacher to do that to his students - lead them to experience God's word in such a way that they are changed when they leave! The conversation literally left me drooling....I want MORE of that kind of experience!! God's WORD is AMAZING!! I LOVE IT!

As I continued chatting with this dear Saint, I noticed how alive, free and light he seemed to be...even more so than I remember ten years ago. I thought to myself, this must come from so much marinating in the Word; I WANT TO BE THAT WAY. Amen and Amen Lord Jesus! Fill me MORE and MORE!

"For the word of God is living and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart". Hebrews 4:12


Stephanie said…
What a wonderful post Tammie,you have become a diligent seeker you are so thirsty for the word. o when you had that conversation with Dr. T Hulbert he left you wanting more. I too like the book of John especially the part about the Samaritian Woman. Continue to stay thirsty for his word and he will bless you more abundantly

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