Go In Peace ~ From Time with Abba

"Come and hear, all you who fear God; let me tell you what he has done for me!" Psalm 66:16

The story of Hannah is one which most women can identify; a woman who has this deep desire, a desire which tears her soul up in anguish at times.  One which she tries to ignore, push aside, surrender, give up, and not allow to control her, yet... it is there, by design, on purpose... because she is a woman by nature.  Her heart is created to have these things.... this thing.   

Even when we have... other things that are gifts to our hearts; a great community, love of friends, a husband, even significant roles we play.. there often is something that is missing... and though the desire can go dormant... it raises it's head in seasons, year after year... haunting us... and we feel the deep grief of the lack.

Hannah's grief can be felt by us all as we read her story.... we all know that feeling, and anguish... whether it be for a wayward child, a husband, a child, love,... a place we would rather be... 

As I read this account this morning... Psalm 66:16-20 prefaced Hannah's story with "Come and hear..."

This Psalm speaks of God's character in hearing and listening to our cries...
It testifies that we can proclaim to those who hear, "...let me tell you what HE has done for me..."

Hannah's story came after I read this passage... and my heart drew comfort in this verse in her story:
"Go in peace, and may the God of Israel grant you what you have asked of Him." I Samuel 1:17

Later we see Hannah's request was granted... she was given a son, Samuel, whom she then gave back to the Lord as she had promised.  

So I see this happen in this passage:

God heard and knew Hannah's grief, her heart cry and anguish... and He spoke through Eli to her...
"Go in peace..."

Hannah was met by the Spirit of God through those words... and went home in peace, knowing He had heard her... and then she had a son, Samuel; her heart's desire was granted.

When she returned to the temple, she testified of God's love and goodness to her; "Come and hear what He has done for me!"

He hears and does not withhold his love for us!  He not only LOVES us, but He also gives to us! He delights in giving to us!

So, in this moment, today, before He has given... we can "Go in Peace"... knowing He hears, listens, and will grant what you have asked of Him.

The Spirit ministered to my heart today... as I have heart desires He knows...  designed in me... and He hears, listens... and will grant what I have asked of Him....

So....I can "Go in Peace" too.


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