Sifting through Normalcy

Because it's May and I have not posted one single thing in a few months, I figured it was time to blog.

School is almost over, literally five more days of frizzy with pre-adolescents.  One look into every teachers eyes and you will see that we are all staring at the finish line.  This leg has taken every ounce of energy in all of us.  The kids are so ready to be free from school, books, teacher's dirty looks and visa versa.

As this last week finally arrives, I am so thankful for the year behind, that victory and joy was experienced, and much was learned.  Honestly, I can barely wait to sift through and apply the lessons I learned from the blood, sweat and tears of the path behind me to the year in front of me.  AND I am greatly anticipating the weeks of summer in between to rest, revamp, reconnect, retreat, refresh and refill my depleted mind and soul and NOT think about school!

Something I want out of this summer is a special time with the Lord.  I have seriously been pondering  some kind of "retreat" or special refreshment with Him.  Like any love relationship, I want some special time focusing on Him by turning off all other noises, to intentionally, expectantly listen to what He has to say.

In the midst of this year-long marathon, some rubbing and sore spots have risen in some very normal areas.  I want Him to assist me as I look over these tender spots.

One place I have felt some rubbing is the area of normal life routine, in normal places of occupation.  This feels a little odd to me; I have always envisioned a supernatural life.  Sometimes I feel I am in a whole different world.  What does my faith look like in this normal arena?  How do I share my faith, when, with whom, how?  What can I do to stay sharp, focused and in love with Jesus?  Where is He in this normal life?  He has been my sustenance, and yet... this is new ground for me.  It's challenging at every turn; in a way, this is very good!

Loneliness is another normal sore spot; I have felt it before but it has come with a new side to it this past year.  This past Christmas, I felt He gave me a new perspective of my singleness: to live single instead of living as if someday I would be married.

I love what He gives: Perspective.

 Even so a deep desire for a long-term "bestie"wanes and rises as the daily tide; it's a place in my soul I have laid before the Lord many, many times.   I want someone to share my normal days with, the ups and downs, little and big joys, and most importantly, my love of Christ and living for His Kingdom.  I don't know if he will ever materialize, but I hope so.

It has been my habit to invite Him into that place of desire and yearning.  He continues to meet me, and encourage me in that very vulnerable place, which in itself is an amazing gift.

I love how He meets me again, and again.

I continually seek Him for help to be strong and grateful for what and where I am, to trust His perfect and loving knowledge of me, and His favor to bring that man who is perfect for me, to me soon!

Sometimes, in my normal tender, vulnerable places, my seeking is in tears.  He promises He holds my tears in a jar (Psalm 56:8).  They are not wasted, what a comfort!  Tears are good for keeping the heart supple and soft.

I want Him to be glorified in me, today, in this normal life, in my normal tender spots, in a Special Way because His Plans for me are GOOD and his plans include today! (Jeremiah 29:11)   I trust His purpose and will, will be done.

That is normal for His Kingdom, for He is the Living God!  

His Spirit lives in me through Christ, which is anything but normal.  He called me to be in the world but not of it... so that sets me up for a Supernatural, anything but normal life!

That is exciting!

And I love that... too.


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