Fall Leaves & Bubbles

I am noticing a trend.  Every few days or so, my schedule has a bubble: a sweet surprise of open time and space to float around.  It's unpredictable, so I usually take care of obvious needs - cook something big to provide warm-overs for a few days, clean something, check to see if my laundry is overflowing... and then maybe find time to curl up on the couch for a catnap, some time to listen, process, journal, and maybe blog!

Recently I reflected upon the fact that I have not posted anything too heavy or deep.  I commented to a friend that my thoughts can indeed be weighty, yet they are floating down like the autumn leaves.  They need time to land.  And of late, there are so many of them that I am rather bewildered as how to pull them all together into a palatable, conceptual presentation.  They are all loosely connected, falling from the same tree.

God is leading me into wonderful new and yes, old, places and lighting me up with understanding.

It's a wonderful thing to sense Him bringing basic truths, sweet memory verses well-worn in the nooks of our brains to new life.  I love that God is never boring! He makes the simplest word spring with Hope, and breathes Life into dry bones!

So here are some simple Words that spawn a plethora of thoughts:

I am a Child of God

You have to be emptied before you can be filled.

Let the Peace of Christ Reign....


Love is....

Philippians 2.

Jesus is... everything.

Amen. :-)


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