Pancakes and Perspective

I am finally having success with my pancakes.  My history with pancakes has been dismal.  You can even note the near-failure cakes at the bottom of the stack.  They are on the darker side.  Not the most preferred color for pancakes.

Yesterday I had a perspective change.  My brain had grabbed onto a familiar thought that in recent months has turned into a cyclical pattern: round, and round, and round.  I am really good at ruminating.  Wish that burned calories: I would never have to go to the gym.

As my brain seemed to buckle down in this cyclical mode, it was gently interrupted.

"What is the base of your perspective?"

From what belief are you looking from?  Uh-oh, my base was not on God's goodness or power.

At about that time I noticed a big dark luminous cloud rolling into the horizon.  A few days ago I ran across a passage in the Scriptures that said we see God's power in the thunder and the rain.

"Is the arm of the Lord too short, Tammie?"  Is this ruminating rooted in His goodness and power, or on your fear and doubt of His nature?


The gaze of the thoughts of my mind immediately shifted from my fear and doubt to gazing upon His power and love to work in ways that are for my good and His glory.  I felt the cyclical thoughts unlock, being disengaged with Truth.

 God does that you know.  Nothing of myself can do that: God is the ONLY one who can change us, transform us... in the big and little ways.  He is worthy of our trust.

Because, He is good.  He is Powerfully able, He loves us and He is for us.

So, through the Lord's grace, He continues to change me.  I think He is even helping me with my pancakes in the process.  ;-)


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