It's an adventure being a single woman, especially when it involves car maintenance and mechanic shops: not my favorite hang out.  G.R.O.S.S.

I prefer the local Sears automotive shop connected to the mall.  Starbucks and I have at least an hour long date.  It is great. Until my phone rings and I hear the inevitable.

"Hello, This is Tammie."

"Ah, yes, Miss Hull, we have not finished rotating your tires because we wanted to let you know that the insides of your wheels are in bad shape because they are not aligned properly.  We recommend new tires and alignment."


"Ah, yes, ma'am.  Do you want us to go ahead and put new tires on?"

"What!? ..."

So, the conversation digressed until they knew I was about to have a heart attack, they better NOT change my tires, just do what I came in for - a FREE service and give me a quote! Please and thank you.

When they handed me the quote, I honestly felt nauseous as I read something around the 700's behind the dollar sign.  NO THANK YOU.   But they present the case in such a way that it leaves a single gal's knees wobbly as she drives down the highway, praying her wheels don't go flying off and she ends up in a ditch or worse.  Dead because her tires are bad.  What is a gal to do!!?

The LORD knows.  :-)  He takes care of His Girls.

He sends trustworthy mechanics her way who reassure her they will help her, give her a good price on wheels if that is what is needed and send her on her way feeling much more secure.

First step: get wheels aligned and a second opinion.

At a local recommended and trusted tire place I was sweetly reassured my tires were in good enough shape to last another 15,000 to 20,000 more miles and they set me up straight for only $35.00.

Needless to say, I was singing with Joy to the LORD as I drove home.  I was VERY THANKFUL for God's loving care for me.  My car felt safer too.  Not sure if that is all a mental thing but it did seem tighter and ready for the road.

Just a little testimony of How God Takes Care Of Me! :-)


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