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So Summer Begins.

About an hour ago I opened my front door and it felt like a furnace outside.  It's hot. I am very thankful for air conditioning.  This summer I won't be sailing two days a week as I did two summers ago.  I won't be catching every random babysitting opportunity.  I won't be sweating under a canopy at the Sand Hills Farmers Market selling beautiful veggies and fruit.  I won't be renovating anything in my house, no summer projects this year.

This summer I will be...

... working in an office, being part of a healing process to young and old, men and women, people of all sorts.  It fills me with a deep level of satisfaction.  I come home quite tired, ready to embrace an evening on my couch and a hot meal.  I totally embrace that when it happens!

... involved in other's lives, with a desire to spur them on in Christ Jesus. What a JOY...

...enjoying Sunday afternoons on the sail boat, contra dancing, baking, reading, resting, and watching movies ordered on Netflix.

...attending my 20 year high school reunion. (!!) I am in serious numbness over that fact: that went by fast!  Truthfully, it causes the insecure, ill-at-ease emotions to rise.  I am realizing this is a chance to face deep fears I held as a teenager/young girl and see what God wants to do in me and for others.  My security is found in the Lord; I have grown up... haven't I?   What an opportunity for healing and growth.  I love how God doesn't let any rock go unturned, He is about softening up those dark, hard places... every single one!!

...growing more in love with an amazing Body of Believers.  It is so hard to miss even one Sunday!  I hate being gone on a weekend.  :-)

...celebrating what God has done in the past 12 months.  Last year this time I was just beginning to come into a fresh knowledge of God's closeness to me.  It has been a wonderful year of transformation, of fresh understanding of who I am in Christ and that my significance comes from Him alone.  I know there was a definite turning point, a new beginning last summer, with the Lord.  I am continuing to know the thrill of Joy, Outrageous Estatic Emotion over HIM!

So... Yes, Summer has begun.


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