Richest of Fare - Overflowing Fourth of July Weekend

This was a special moment for a few reasons: first, last year all I wanted was to experience peach ice cream at the famous Peach festival, and I drove all alone to the festival only to find I arrived too late and it was more like a ghost town and NO peach ice cream could be found!! Second, This year, we arrived EARLY, I had a FRIEND to enjoy it with and we got peach ice cream in a waffle cone! This is my sweet friend Heather! :-)

Sasha enjoyed the Peach Festival as well!

Yeah, Free Blueberries... the Lord blesses me so much!!
The blueberry bushes were LOADED!

We wanted to experience EVERY part of the Peach Festival... how about these tractors! Do we look like rednecks!?
We headed out to River Falls to go Contra Dancing Saturday night. It was a first for me, and I had a FATABULOUS time!!
On our way to Contra Dancing, I was needing an energy boost.... we stopped in Greenville, in the coolest coffee house stop ever!! :-) The coffee was delicious too - Coco-Nuts (Coconut & Hazelnut) Yum-O!Not my best pose...but this is how the weekend closed... on Lake Murray, with the perfect winds... a swim and a few slices of the sweetest watermelon ever... and of course... time w/ sweet friends! Truly... my soul was delighting in the richest of fare!!

This past weekend was amazing!

" what is good, and your soul will delight in the richest of fare." Isaiah 55:2


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