Random Noodle Thoughts

It is Saturday morning, clouds are hanging low in the sky. There are more rainy, cloudy days in SC than I care for...but if it actually rains today the grass and flowers and springs wonders will celebrate and the pollen may get pulled out of the air and washed down the drain. That is definitely a plus. Last week I had to wash the layers of pollen off of my car and there was yellow pools of water all over my driveway and yard. It like SNOWS pollen this time of year!

I started running again this week. I take Sasha with me so she can get her energy out; Sasha has hit a learning curve! She has been a different dog this week! Like when a three year old finally realizes YOU ARE THE BOSS and moves WITH you instead of always fighting against you. Seriously, she is looking more and more like a dog whisperer trained dog. I am so proud! Back to running, I haven't been running for over a year or so... and kicking it back into gear is tough; but Friday I felt that wonderful feeling you get when you find your rhythm and it is not hard but feels really good! Yeah! Nothing quite burns off the calories and flab quite like running for me and it is wonderful mentally.

I was very encouraged this week. I am looking over my school schedule and now I know exactly how many hours I need to finish my degree. 30 hours! My goal, and with the Lord's blessing and strength, is to be finished in a year and half. I am praying for financial blessing — scholarships and grants would lighten the load.

God is using this semester to work in me in many ways. Ever notice that many times when Jesus touched someone's life, He would ask, "What is it you want me to do?" They had a specific answer; I want to see, I want to walk, etc. These ones had learned to live with their malady. Up to that point they had found a way of living that was "comfortable" in their malady — it was all they knew. When Jesus actually made them whole, they had to learn to live in that wholeness...Jesus warned one not to return to a life of sin. So, this has made me ponder; I have grown comfortable with living in a way that is NOT whole. I must now practice and work out these new whole muscles and live how HE designed and purposed me to...… in Freedom, not fear. Our minds must change the pattern of thinking that is wrong; it must be washed in Newness of Truth.

For that reason, I am truly enjoying the scripture memorization project I took on in January. I can't say I have memorized each and every word, but they have been pieces of truth that my mind has been working over and meditating upon - and they have been changing me. He is so GOOD!

Yes, this is a random - weird noodley post....not really tied together but wandering all over....I just felt like blogging, so enjoy!


Anonymous said…
HE is GOOD! Thanks for sharing your life and what God is doing in it. :-)

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