He Takes Care of Me

Earlier this week I made a fast trip to Nashville for the memorial service of my dear friend, David Lipscomb. His wife and I are good friends and I was privileged to know them and was so blessed in going. My trip was quite the adventure - I drove head on into a BLIZZARD. Now, I am a Florida girl and some of you are use to such inclement weather and may think I am overstating the gravity of this snowstorm; but IT WAS A BLIZZARD - one minute I was thinking, "awww, it is SO PRETTY' and the next moment, "Where is the ROAD!?" Praise the Lord for His protection and the big huge truck in front of me that I followed. Thank the Lord it only lasted about an hour. There was snow 3 inches deep on my windshield.

My time in Nashville was surreal. Basically I felt God graciously blessed me to be there. Death is never easy or expected but through David's supportive friends and family, the beautiful message that REALITY is that we live only in a shadow, God has paradise waiting for us who are Believers in Christ, on the other side of death. It was truly amazing....

On my way home, i was thoroughly tired and not thrilled that the trip was going to be 7 hours. I truly enjoy road trips but being tired took some of that joy I usually receive with the thought of traveling. 7 hours just was too long.... I am notorious for forgetting things so this is a testimony of God's wonderful personal care for me. I stopped to fill up with fuel and after I had topped it off, i got in the car and gathered up the trash that had accumulated in the front seat. I stepped out and threw it all away. Now, I have this drive in me to get back on the road and make good time. I say that to show you, it was odd of me to slow down enough to throw the trash out and not immediately turn the ignition on and be on my way. BUT....i didn't. Instead, I saw my wallet lying on the seat next to me and peaked in the slot where I normally store my gas credit card. It was not there. I figured it must be in my back pocket - checked, it was not there. I looked around the inside of the car, don't see it. Where was it!? Ugh....then, I realized, the TRASH!!? I hopped out and went dumpster diving (it was only a small trash can). There it was, right beside the Arby's sandwich wrapper.... I breathed a thankful sigh, and then TRULY Thanked the LORD, as i knew He stopped me from heading out with my normal driveness. I could just imagine the stress I would have experienced if He had not have slowed me down and made me realize it was missing. He is SO good to me!

Thank You to you all who prayed for me. Without them - my credit card may still be buried in some land fill in Georgia!


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