January 2016 ~ Golden List

Good Morning!

This morning's Golden List...

1.  Celebrating and enjoying a day off: love that I had no alarm to wake me.  Dark January chilly mornings make for stay-in-your-pj's-longer and coffee that much more cozy & delicious.

2.  I so appreciate the community of friends God has given to me.  I love that these relationships are maturing in depth of insight and love.  I enjoy making new friends but I am so thankful the rich deeper levels of intimacy that grow through walking with others over a good length of time.

3.  God's provision:  I have had to deal with some ...shall we say... interesting circumstances of late, and I see God's hand holding me as I worked through making decisions, having conversations and taking actions which would be hard for anyone.  He is good in providing me the strength, support, and insight for each step.

4.  My furkids:  they bring a smile to my face each morning with their own little personalities, neediness and antics.

5.  Buckwheat pancakes.  Just yummy :-)

6. Good book to read.  Some good reads of late: Unbroken - this was so good I couldn't wait to get home each night and read for the evening... finished in 4 days of evening reading!  Reading now: Eve by WM. Paul Young, the author of The Shack.  It's interesting so far... but I am moving much more slowly through it.

7.  Cozy hand-made slippers:  They are several years old, and I have definitely worn holes in the bottom, I love them so much I want another pair... but don't know where to find them and I don't know how to knit!

8.  Margaritas.  I know... I am not a proponent
of drinking, nor have I consumed much in my 42 years... but recently I daringly tried this drink and discovered why people love it: it's delicious!

9.  Journaling and blogging: what a gift to be literate, to be able to express our thoughts and feelings through written form.  In teaching ancient civilizations, the gift of language, education and literacy is one of the transforming factors of a civilization.  Words are powerful...  The Word changes lives.

10.  Chapstick:  how magnificent is the soothing moisture rich coat of a good stick of chapstick over dry, hurting lips on a winter's day.  It's the simple things....

11.  Timothy Keller Messages: I have been listening to his messages over the past few weeks. He was a name I had heard often from friends and other solid sources... finally joined up with his podcast channel.  A great way to soak up Truth and wisdom as I get ready for my day.  Good stuff!


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