November Golden List 2015

Oh goodness!! I sit here in my cozy quiet room, "oatmealing" after a long Monday. I feel so stirred with joy, happy energy... yet not enough energy to actually go running or anything.  But... I do want to write.  It's been so long that my normal writing juices are not really flowing but I can't let this blog go dormant week-after-week, month-after-month! So... I will start with my "Golden List" theme I have used on occasion to see how it goes....

10 Things I am thankful for Today....

1.  I am so thankful for rainy days...weeks... well, it's been rainy and grey so long around here lately that we are beginning to called it "Seattle of the South!"  But...something about rainy days just feels cozy and romantic and I am embracing that!!

2.  Change of Seasons... This year I have noticed more how darkness falls so early...and, I have fallen in love with the soft lights of the city, the reflection of the lights on water, the way dusk quiets the earth... it's just very sweet to my soul this season, which in others it has not been so enjoyed.  This year is somehow different... and I am thankful!

3.  New from Old!  I went shopping this weekend and found some bargains!! A lovely lace, long-flowy white cardigan!  It's so feminine... and goes perfect with a few old things I have... making new fun outfits!   I should take a selfie....

4. Adventures coming!!  I am going to Mexico in a WEEK!!!! AHHH!!  Planning, prepping and anticipating a GREAT time, a Blessed time... as I join a team to bless some TCK's and enjoy warm, sunshine!

5.  Dancing!  I have been contra dancing more of late...and it's always fun, and makes me want to get better so I don't feel like such a clutz!

6.  People... today being Monday, colleagues ask, "how was your weekend?"... this morning I found my response was "Oh, it was SO FUN!"... and.... I knew it was because of the sweet people interaction I had - from coffee dates, dancing fun, church, and visiting friends. I am so blessed to have friends!

7.  Long, healthy finger nails.  :-) I am pinching pennies so no time or money for a manicure, so I am thankful they look nice au naturel!

8.  My students... truly enjoy and love my pupils... and find myself just smiling over them, even when they are cray-zy!!!  They keep me young.....

9.  Bonfires... fireplaces....

10.  My chiropractor... yeah, that's random but it's a happy place for me... it always makes me feel better, always encourages and challenges me to be healthy and make good choices... Everyone should do it!


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